ADR Rejected



What does ADR_REJECTED event mean? This occurs when end-device is trying to pass data into the network server.

Please advise.



Hi clee,

What is the exact event text and what is the Device EUI you are seeing it on?

In general, it is likely that your end device rejected the network’s attempt to control transmit power, datarate and channel plan.

Dave Kjendal


Hi Dave,

I don’t have the exact text event but the DevEUI seen on should be 0004A30B001BF3A6.

I believe we have this end-device configured with ADR turned on and unconfirmed uplink message. Could this possibly be the reason why it’s rejecting network server’s attempt to control power, data rate and channel plan?



Charlie, I dont see that in the Network Server log. Was this reported to you by the device (on a UART connection)?



This is actually reported by one of my colleagues in our oversea facility. It’s not under my account so maybe that’s why you don’t see it.

I believe the event log is seen on the network server side. Unfortunately, I do not have the log with me. Perhaps, you can get into his account if I provide the login info.



yes, I was looking at that device (based on the EUI you had sent), still dont see that message recorded in our logs. Let us know if it happens again and you can get a capture of the events around that time.




I’ve attached the log for detailed device transactions. Not sure if that’s helpful to you or not but this is the device with ADR rejected events.




I am able to duplicate the problem this morning on a different device (DevAddr: 1200849D). I had it started running yesterday afternoon around 4:40pm. It ran for about 6 hours and then completely stopped after downlink message (seq no. 71).

Can you take a look at the error log on your side to see the events captured around that time?



No, there are no errors reported on the gateway or the backend. I suspect the device just locked up. What FW version are you running on the RN2903?


The firmware version running on the RN2903 is 0.9.8.


We recommend that you move to the latest release (1.0.3)

It still has several issues, specifically with ADR handling in mixed channel plan environments, but is the best version available.




On a different note, what’s the recommended firmware version for RN2483? I believe this is the module originally reported with similar problem.



We dont have as much experience with the RN2483, but I would recommend 1.0.4.


Okay, thanks again!


Hi Dave,

From the device transactions log, is there any way to see if the network server has tried to make any change to the end-device (eg: output power, data rate, channel plan etc)?



Yes, this is displayed in the transaction log for your device on your portal account (in the far right column).



For some reasons, my display truncated most details in the far right column. How do I get it to show the entire text?

Also, I can see there are couple LinkADRAns[] fields followed by FCtrl[] with some parameters inside. Can you provide me some information on what each field mean?



Click the elipsis (…) on the column header:



When the end-device responds with LinkADRAns [DR=True Pwr=True Chnl=True], does that mean it accepts the previous downlink request: LinkADRReq [DR=4 Pwr=2 ChnlMsk=0100 ChnlCntl=7 NbTrans=1]?



Yes it does