Register device from Java App


I’m am attempting to register devices from a Java app, then be activated and deactivated as needed based on demand. Is there an example of how to do this?


Hi David,

We don’t have an example of a Java app that can be used to activate and deactivate devices as needed. You can however review our API documentation here to get an understanding of what restful API calls you can make to manage devices




Is there a test account/portal one can use to verify code functionality?


Hi David,

You can register for a portal account at and test the API as it relates to a developer account. In order to utilize the API for device registration/activation you will need to acquire a production environment with Senet. If you’d like to have a production account let us know and we can get you started

You can find the developer API documentation here and the calls you can make are mainly related to device communication such as uplinks and downlinks




I think I have a developer account already. I can login, etc.
I think I’ll need a production environment, if Dish Network doesn’t already have one I can use, because I want to start prototyping registrations, activations, and deactivations.



Hello David,

We are happy to assist further, if you could provide a contact number we’ll give you a call to answer your questions. If email support works better for you, please email our support forum ( for further guidance.