Senet IP address used by packet forwarder


I have a multitech conduit running the Senet packet forwarder package. Its fine on an open router but get blocked on our corporate firewall. Can you tell me what the IP and port that the gateway is sending the lora messages to in the cloud so I can whitelist it?




Hello Alan,

The Senet Packet Forwarder requires that the following ports are opened through your firewall in order to operate properly and communicate with the Senet Network:

Port Protocol Direction Usage
443 TCP Outbound LoRa messages
8443 TCP Outbound LoRa messages
22 TCP Outbound Remote management
ICMP Outbound Network administration
80 TCP Outbound Firmware upgrades
123 UDP Outbound Time synchronization
53 UDP/TCP Outbound Domain resolution



Excellent - thanks for the quick response - what about and Ip or domain? I can’t have these ports open to everyone


Hello Alan,

From a firewall perspective, all of the traffic is initiated from the gateway outbound. No inbound rules to open these ports are required. I will send a direct email with IP’s in the event your security policy requires granular firewall rules.