Tektelic Macro Gateway



I am trying to register the Tektelic gateway (serial number: T0005130_1837D0018) but receive the message that this gateway already exists on the network. As far as I know, this is a new gateway which has never been registered before.

Can you help?



Hello Charlie,

We have reviewed the gateway that you are attempting to register and have found that it has in fact been registered under another portal account. We have reached out to the account owner and have asked them to contact you in order to determine the proper portal account under which the gateway should reside.



Hi Mike,

Thanks for your help. I will wait to hear from them.

On a different subject, I registered a Multitech conduit gateway yesterday (00250C0001000525). The status shows Approved and has been that way for a long time without moving to Online. The internet connection is good as I can ping out to some external servers. Can you help?



Hi Charlie,

This behavior is indicative of the conduit not reaching our network server for registration. You can check the connectivity to the Senet network by running ‘ping reg.senetco.io’ from the conduit itself and verifying that it resolves to an IP address. Can you run that command to check the resolution?

Please follow this link to find the required outbound ports that need to be allowed in order for you to connect to the Senet network




Hi Craig,

No, it does not see the Senet network when I tried “ping reg.senetco.io”.

I will follow the link to see if I can resolve the issue.