Gateway required for end nodes?

I registered a device but not my gateway in the hopes the Senet Network coverage would be enough for my LoRaWAN end node to communicate to the available network service in my area, but I don’t see the device join nor any data. Is this a too-naive expectation that I might conect to the Senet Network without a gateway? Or maybe better, where would this not be a naive expectation, downtown San Jose?

Where are you located? Senet has coverage areas in many urban areas, but typically for outdoor applications. For development purposes we recommend a gateway be installed locally. Please contact Senet technical support ( for guidance in selecting a gateway or finding local coverage for outdoor testing.

I am in Danville, California where the Senet coverage map is light green. I can take my device outside (inside now). I have a gateway but I was hoping to establish a connection without using it. Is this not possible in Danville?

We have pretty good outdoor coverage in Danville. Onboarding your gateway is a pretty simple process, if you need indoor coverage at your location, I suggest you do that. What kind of device are you trying to connect?

It is one of these.

I am pretty sure I could easily add my gateway to your network but the whole point of my “experiment” is to connect one or more end nodes without having to use a local gateway. Apparently this isi not going to work for me here.

My device is outside on the deck. We are 600 feet above Danville proper looking right across the valley to Mt Diablo. I was hoping one of Senet’s towers might be able to see my device.

We have an installation on Mt. Diablo and have many devices connected through this site. To rule out device-side issues (transmit power, data rate, antenna efficiency) I would suggest starting with a local gateway and moving on from there.

I am able to talk with this device using my Multitech gateway. In fact, I have four devices currently talking with my gateway and pushing data through the SEMTACH server on to the dashboard.

Now it is true, I am using a low Tx power setting, so one thing I could do is up the power to see if this makes any difference.

I suppose it is always possible I entered the ID and keys wrong, but this seems unlikely since I just copied andpasted.

Does the sub band setting matter for Senet? I am using 1 now.

The coverage in your area will support sub-band 1, but crippling your device with low power or high datarate is not suitable for public coverage models. It is a simple thing to convert your gateway to the Senet network and allow us to control TxPower and Datarate to optimize performance. That is the way to start.

I cranked the Tx power to 30 and I am still not seeing the device. I guess I will have to stick with the local gateway model.

Back on the MultiTech AP gateway and the device is working fine as usual.