How client can send Downlink API so as to schedule time on device?

Hi Team,

I have to schedule device(sensor) so as device can send me ping(data) in next interval. I am currently using REST API for Uplink. I need to know how uplink and downlink work together. I read that downlink work only after uplink is completed. Would you please elaborate? I need to show data on our private portal.

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Hello Swapnil,

Thanks for posting to the Community Forum. That is correct for Class A devices a downlink can only be communicated to the device upon receipt of an uplink. Once the device transmits there are two receive windows Rx1/Rx2 at 1/2s respectively that the device will listen for a downlink. We see that you have created a Senet Portal account but there are yet to be any devices added to the account.
The portal documentation has a detailed explanation of how to register a device through the portal. In addition, there are configuration guides on how to configure the Notification Target to forward data to your back-end as well as configuring the downlink API. Please find the links to these documented workflows and let us know if you have additional questions.

Device Registration:

Notification Target

Downlink API


Hi Mike -

Iā€™m interested in the down-link API as well, but the link you provided seems to be broken. I was able to find it here: .


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