Is there any Lmic example?

Is there any workable Lmic example to connect LoRa device to Senet network?
I used this lmic to connect to Senet
I couldn’t connect.

Anybody can help with this question?


Thanks for your post to the Senet Community Forum. We note there are two devices in your portal account. Can you please advise whether you are testing with both devices, or just one of the two? If that is the case please provide the devEUI for the device in question. In addition, we do not see a registered gateway in your portal account. Can you please also provide details on how you are attempting to join the device to the Senet network ie are you attempting to join under our public coverage. If so, can you please also provide the location from where you are testing and also whether the tests are performed indoors or outdoors.


Hi Mike,
Yes, I tried both OTAA and ABP on the same device.
I’m trying to connect to your public coverage. My location is 95037. I looked coverage on and it shows that my area is covered. My device located indoor.


Could you tell me specific frequency so I can check on that.


We have had some experience with the code you are working with. Could you please provide the type of device that you are testing with as there may be different configurations required depending on the device. In addition, providing the current OTAA configuration parameters (obscuring the appKey) would allow us to provide additional assistance. Of note, please ensure that the device is configured for the US915 band which is defined in the config.h

#define CFG_eu868 1
#define CFG_us915 1

Regarding the coverage, as a general rule when developing indoors (even under public coverage) Senet recommends that a gateway such as the MultiTech Conduit, is purchased to ensure connectivity during the development process. Consistent indoor connectivity can be affected by the building material, windows and location inside the structure. If you are interested in purchasing a development gateway please let us know and we can provide guidance on several options for procuring the proper gateway.