rxTimeOut while attempting to register with STM32 B0L072Z-LRWAN1


While attempting to join the Senet network I receive rxTimeOut and never join. I am in the Seattle area which is covered by Senet and the device is properly configured with the appropriate keys and configurations.

The output is similar to the following repeated.


The Senet dashboard has not picked up the device and the serial com has never printed out an indication that the device has joined.

Please advise.


I am having a same issue.
I am in Tysons Corner VA with a healthy coverage but same issue.
The code base I used had old/new DevEui, AppEui, AppKey, etc.
Is there an example code for ST LoRa solution?

Thanks, Q

Hello Kyu,

Thanks for your post to the Senet Community Forum. We will have a representative from our support team reach out to you to validate the area in which you are testing as well as verify the configuration of your device.