Senet and Actility interoperability

Does Senet interoperate with Actility? Our devices will utilize Senet but need to connect to an application server on Actility. Can I set up our device’s forwarding URL toward the application server on Actility?

Also, where can I locate a link to Senet’s API doc?

I am new to this tech and appreciate your thoughtful assistance.

Hi mattphilbin,

Thanks for using Senet’s Developer Portal. Our APIs are documented at (available from the help (?) link at the top of the portal page.

The LoRa Alliance has defined 3 backend components, the Network Server, Join Server and Application Server. As of today, a standard API has not been defined for the Application Server (the way it has for the Network and Join Servers). As such, Senet does not have a direct API to Actility’s Application Server.

However, it seems very likely that you are forwarding data northbound from Actility’s Application Server to your own IoT application or a standard IoT platform (AWS IoT Gateway, Azure IoT Hub, etc). If this is the case, you can configure your Senet devices to forward directly to your application delivery platform.

Please reach out to Steve Ball ( to discuss your application needs.

Good luck,

Dave Kjendal