Using the Downlink API for multiple customers accounts?

We have a cloud platform for controlling devices and we’ve integrated with the Senet system using the Devleoper Portal. We can send Downlink API commands down to our device, using the authentication token provided by Senet to our developer account.

Question is about moving to a more production environment, where we will have multiple customers with their own Senet accounts, which we will need to support from our single cloud platform…

  • What is the best practice for how to support multiple customers?
  • If we have “our own” Senet account, and use that user’s API token, can we send downlinks to ANY OTHER customer’s accounts using that auth?
  • Or do we need to have each customer create an API token, and give it to us, so we use different API tokens depending on which Customer + DevEUI the particular device lives in ?

Thanks for any tips by people doing this sort of thing.

Hi Jeff,

You would not manage customers through the Senet developer portal. That environment is only for testing gateways and devices outside of a production environment

For a production environment you would have an application EUI in which you would register and activate devices under. From there, you would be able to implement your downlink functionality to those devices.

When you obtain a production application from Senet, you are provided with an API key that can be used to initiate downlinks to your customer devices similar to how you have done so in the developer portal

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