Why my gateway is not available for Registration?

When i try to add my gateway appears this messages, ?


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Hi Juan,

Thanks for posting to the Senet Community forum. After reviewing your portal account it seems as though you’ve already registered a gateway with that serial number. It’s pending approval and when it is approved you will be able to install the Senet packet forwarder on the gateway. I’ve requested an update on the approval status of this gateway. When it has been approved you will see this gateway flagged as approved on your portal dashboard


In this moment i can´t see my gateway in the dashboard, this is normal ?

Hello Juan,

It looks like you deleted that gateway from your portal account. If you re-register that gateway with it’s provided serial # it will appear back in your portal account

For further inquiries please email support@senetco.com and our support team can assist you further


Hi cdiehl,

I am having the same issue. How do I resolve this? Can help me look into this.


Hello Vivek,

Updating this thread for the community as this was resolved through a alternate exchange utilizing the Senet Support mailing list. The gateway registration error condition has been resolved and was the same issue noted by Juan. This was encountered due to the fact that the gateway had been deleted from the portal account and required an update to the registration in order to allow it to be re-registered. We would like to note that the gateway registration workflow will be enhanced in a future upgrade to the Senet Portal such that this error will no longer be presented upon deleting an existing gateway registration.