Adding a MTCAP-LNA3-915-001A gateway

I have registered my gateway successfully and tried to get it online with 5.x and 6.x releases for the Conduit AEP in a packet forwarder mode. It has a dropdown for Senet and that prefills most settings. No luck so far in bringing it online.
I was able to bring it online in TTN without any problems when I selected TTN in the dropdown in both OS versions. TTN and Senet use same ports so those must be open. The packet forwarder is built into the AEP so I can’t switch it. I know that this gateway and the 5.x OS is certified to work by Senet according to the documentation. Does anyone have this gateway model connecting successfully with these OS releases?

In order to register the gateway with a Senet Packet Forwarder, you’ll need to completely delete it from your developer account because you currently have the gateway registered as a Semtech Packet Forwarder. Once that is completed, please check out the instructional video on our documentation that explains how to install the Senet Packet Forwarder on a Multitech gateway


Thanks Ian. After carefully watching the video, I was able to get end-to-end connectivity.
Couple of questions/comments. Looks like it is important to turn Lora off in the Conduit. Your video shows that but the documentation does not.
The device traffic shows reception from several gateways. I assume that deduplication would have to performed somewhere downstream.
Appreciate your help. Have a great day.