Configuration of SX1278/6 with ESP32 or raspberry pi

Hi guys,

I would like to send data through LoRaWAN in Colchester, UK.

I need some information about wiring and configuration, the end node devices with API keys. My end node works based on 433 MHz, should I replace my module to 868 MHz?

Also, I can find the model of gateways near me. Does anyone have information or link which able me to explore the detail of gateways near me?

We reviewed your general location and there is currently no Senet public LVN coverage available, therefore you’ll need your own gateway or your device won’t be able to join the Senet network. The supported channel plan for EU868 is documented in our support documentation here.

Thank you Ilejeune,

Can I use Helium LoRaWAN instead?

Senet has a partnership with Helium that is available for Senet Production customers. As you are currently testing on our no-charge Developer Portal you will need a Senet connected gateway (or a nearby public LVN gateway) in order to leverage our platform. Gateways that support the following packet forwarders: Semtech Packet Forwarder, Semtech Basic Station, or Senet Packet Forwarder, can connect to our platform.
Someone from our Business Development team will be in touch with you to discuss in more detail, in order to better understand your use case and opportunity.