Deactivated devices still connect

We have several devices from our company that are deactivated on the console but we still see them connect to gateways. Example: DevEUI 00800000040090ED was deactivated August 2022 but we saw connection to gateway ID 647FDAFFFE005718 on 2022-12-27 22:34.

I want to know if we are still being charged for deactivated sensors.

Our documentation outlines that devices deactivated but still heard by the network are still in a billable state. To remedy this, power-cycling the device or silencing it will transition the devices to a non-billable state. The device power-cycle or forced rejoin on the Senet network would then be “denied” because the device is in a deactivated state - which would stop the device from being heard on the Senet Network and transition it to a non-billable state.

What’s is the common way of silencing or power-cycling a device?


You can physically power the device off (remove battery/magnet swipe?) or check with the device vendor/manufacturer for a downlink that can either initiate a Join on the device (after you’ve deactivated device on Senet - if you’re looking to remove for billing reasons) or power the device off. If unavailable, you could investigate setting the device transmit interval to something infrequent, which would still incur billing charges, but at a reduced rate.