Gateway offline even if ethernet port working

Hey there dear community!

My client has a Milesight UG67 gateway which doesn’t seem to connect to Senet portal, although it was connected before we shipped it without any problem.

Any idea why and how to fix?
Thanks in advance!

Hello Almog,

In looking at the gateway, it does not appear that any data has traversed the gateway to the LNS since it was initially onboarded. Were you able to previously verify that the gateway did in fact connect and pass device data? Given the current scenario, it would seem that there is one of two likely issues. Even though the gateway has a local LAN connection, have you been able to verify that the gateway is in fact obtaining a DHCP IP from the local LAN? The IT department responsible for managing DHCP and LAN security should be able to assist and confirm whether the gateway is connected (you will need to provide them with the MAC address of the gateway - likely on the back sticker). Once it is confirmed that the gateway has a valid IP, please have them confirm whether there may be a firewall rule in place that is blocking gateway communication. For secure Basic Station communication, TCP port 6042 will need to be opened, and for unsecured communication TCP port 6040 is required.



Hey Mike, thanks a lot for your prompt answer. When referring to the IT department, do you mean the client’s IT department, or is it a department within Senet I should be reaching out?

Thanks again for your help!

Mike was referring to the clients IT department - as the gateway will pull a DHCP address from their local DHCP server.