HTTPS Endpoint Setup


I’ve registered my gateway and sensor node and all working good.
But I’m unable to forward the sensor data packets to my server endpoint of type “HTTPS” as it’s not listed in the notification target. Could you please help me to setup a HTTPS endpoint with Header.

And also wanted to ask, do i need to setup this notification target for all the sensor nodes?

Thanks in advance.
Nagaraj M

Hello Nagaraj,

As you are currently operating in our no-charge Developer platform, there are differences in features and workflows from a Production account. In the case of the notification target configuration, these will need to be added to each individual device that you add to the portal. As a Production customer, we allow for an application level notifier that applies to all devices onboarded under the application.
As for the question regarding an HTTPS option, the screen shot that you have shared is accurate, the selection of “HTTP” as a notifier type supports both HTTP and HTTPS. Additional information is available in our online documentation located here.