MQTT downlink subscription topic format and downlink message format

Device added successfully, downlink via MQTT, need to subscribe to MQTT topic, please ask the format of the subscription topic; the format of the MQTT push message for downlink messages; push messages to this topic, NS’s will show the downlink message? Sending downlink messages to this topic, how often does NS send message messages?

Hello Donny,

Thanks for posting on our Community forum. The format for the uplink messaging is described in our online documentation located here. The information provided also includes additional parameters that can be included in the notification messaging sent to your broker. Additionally, formatting information for downlink communication is located here. Downlink messages are captured in the portal when reviewing the events for the device in your portal account. Finally, messages from the device are sent to your application as soon as they are received by the LNS.


Hello Mnikitas,
Thank you for replying to my question!
As shown in the picture, I set up Subscribe Topic, does this meet the requirements?
Subscribe Topic:/downlink/037980FFFE067575/
Here is the json format I am sending the downlink in, is it ok?