Why does base station disconnects, and what happens when its online?

Hi there,

I am representing a client who’s gateway keeps disconnecting. Is there a way to know the cause of this from the logs in the Senet portal? I must note that I don’t have direct access to the gateway, but the client might have access if asked (but might take a few days to reach it).

Secondly, while the gateway is online, I still see some errors. Can this cause the devices to not connect to the network?

Attaching the gateway logs from the last 35 events:

Appreciate any feedback and please let me know if any details are missing.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Almog,

In looking at the gateway, there are no historical logs on the gateway due to the fact that it rebooted around the time of it’s recovery. In observing the gateway events, and the Availability chart it does appear that the connectivity issues generally occur between ~8PM EST and 7 AM EST. Without historical logs, its hard to say whether there is a power event or a cellular connectivity issue. Given some of the disconnect/reconnect scenarios, I’d lean towards a cellular issue. Certainly would be worth having the customer verify the gateway is powered during one of these outages. Lookin at the recent disconnect history for the past few days you can can see the extended outages for the gateway. In addition to verifying power, I’d contact your cellular provider and ask if they can explain this behavior.

2/21 5:07 PM - 6:34 AM EST
2/22 8:47 PM - 8:00 AM EST
2/23 8:33 PM - 2/24/2023 1:35 AM EST
2/24 1:49 AM - 5:54 AM EST